Eurasia Group Foundation

The Eurasia Group Foundation (EGF) is committed to helping educate and engage people in the geopolitical issues that matter most to them. Creating and disseminating papers, presentations, and videos to the public is a large part of how they achieve this mission.


The new EGF website is not only a touch point for potential supporters but a repository for the wealth of videos and publications the foundation creates and distributes.

Developing a strong and effective taxonomy for these resources while ensuring the maintenance for this repository is easy as possible, were important parts of the design process.

Because EGF’s extensive library of videos would continue to grow over time, we developed a backend that would make it easy for the staff to bring these videos into the new site.

Collateral Materials – Print

Along with a website, we’ve designed a clear system of printed materials that builds off the branding. Printed pieces include business cards, letterheads, folders and envelopes.

Collateral Materials – Web

The branding materials continued beyond the print jobs and to the web. We designed cohesive digital collateral materials – such as social media banners and Powerpoint presentations.

The web and print styles create a unique design language specific to the job that EGF tackles daily. These styles will get carried over to future projects to come!