Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters

Website Design and Development • Web Strategy • Brand Development

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters is a high-adventure Christian-based camp that really knows how to provide a fun and impactful experience for youth and adults. openbox9 was tasked with redesigning their website and bring all aspects of SWO under one tent. Since they offer multiple camps, conferences, retreats and wilderness programs, this was no small task.

Semester Webpage Design

One of the key challenges was to provide a solution that lets users quickly get a handle on the breadth and depth of the type of activities SWO provides. The visuals play a major role in the site, letting users get a taste for the experience before they even set foot on the campground.

Conference Registration PageMedia page Design for Young Christian Audience

We also developed solutions for choosing and registering for one of the many options for camp experiences and conferences. An area for resources and media was also key in providing attendees of the camp with useful media before and after attending a program.

Coop page for Outfitters Website

The site also includes a robust blog area and helpful pages about SWO staff, programs and approaches.

Snowbird page designConference