Sustainability at Stanford (2017)

These last couple of years, openbox9 has taken on the challenge of rethinking the entire experience of the Stanford Office of Sustainability’s Annual Report, taking it from a traditional linear presentation to one where an online user is in control.
As an institution at the forefront of innovation, Stanford once again challenged openbox9 to push the boundaries of its annual report in 2017.

In order to represent the valuable content from Stanford’s report in an engaging way, we designed a long-scrolling interactive webpage with interactive data visualizations and animated infographics to give the reader the ability to explore the content in a new way.

These interactive elements, coupled with the use of beautiful full-width background images throughout the site, allowed Stanford to tell a richer story of the many strides and achievements it has made in sustainability throughout the past year.

Infographics, both animated and still, were dispersed throughout each section encouraging the storytelling to carry on through the scrolling webpage.

Beyond making the website responsive to various screen sizes, we also created a robust cataloging system that cross referenced like-minded info so the experience was more like a magazine site than a stuffy annual report.

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