National Wildlife Federation

openbox9 has worked on a wide variety of print projects for the National Wildlife Federation – from kid-friendly Ranger Rick print projects to the Garden for Wildlife sign which we have in our backyard.

Garden for Wildlife

Over the years, openbox9 has been responsible for the design of a number of reports and factsheets, helping NWF to communicate their message effectively while maintaining brand identity.

The in-depth research reports NWF produces spread awareness about challenges facing wildlife and their habitats. openbox9 packages the research in an accessible format while establishing a sense of urgency to inspire the audience to take action.

Garden for Wildlife covers a wide-array of projects. We’ve created booklets and factsheets in Spanish and French.

We’ve adapted a comprehensive style guide which unifies the NWF identity. Branding elements, which include letterheads, envelopes, business cards are cohesive in that they use organic curves, solid green and tan colors and light textures. As a marketing and design reference, this accordion fold guide clarifies the brand guidelines we’ve established throughout the years.

For the past couple of years we’ve designed campout ads which encourage people to get out there and spend time in the outdoors (even if that means camping in your own backyard!). This year, we featured Jeff Probst as the campout enthusiast, which can be seen in Time magazine.

Along with the main NWF brand, we design for sub-brands like Artemis, embodies the lifestyle of female hunters and anglers. These sub-brands play off the NWF style but add an extra flare. The Artemis brand, for example, incorporates more diagonal lines, expressive illustrations and orange.

The Artemis site also features this infographic, which can be viewed here.

We worked with the White House, the Dept. of Transportation and the National Wildlife Federation, and created a interstate sign to mark the way and help promote the preservation of the Monarch.

Here are some could-have-been signs. We experimented with different ideas that incorporate soft colors, stark contrast and different shaped signs.

Table covers for indoor events include panoramic scenes of landscapes across the US. We’ve designed program specific table clothes, such as the Garden for Wildlife design above as well as general table cloths.

Though this is still in the works, we’ve mocked up a booth that evokes the cozy-cabin feel while trying in the green NWF branding.