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Thanksgiving leftovers are glorious. Opening a fridge stacked with neatly packed tupperware containers filled with the benefits of previous hard work, just waiting for you to mix-match, re-heat, and eat-up.

The endless possibilities of combinations and vehicles to serve up your past work is not just for turkey, it’s for content too. Whether articles, blog posts, interviews, one-pagers, chances are your organization’s “fridge” has a lot of tupperware. Repurposing this content adds value and diversity, gains awareness from a broader audience, and lets your audience consume information in new ways.

You’ve already put in the hard work, so now it’s time to apply creativity to heat it up and enjoy:

Blog Series

Combine one-off blog posts about similar topics into a blog series. Publish each post on a regular schedule during a few weeks, and integrate a theme into the title and artwork used on each post.

Bite-Size Infographics

Cut up infographics into bite-size snippets of information and share on social media. The visual nature of the infographic lends itself perfectly for gaining attention and starting conversations on Facebook or Twitter.

New Audience

Change the audience for whom you are writing. Take a technical white paper, and write a summary as if you were presenting it to 6th graders. This will help you strip out jargon, and make your information accessible to a broader audience.


Video tape a conversation of your staff members reflecting on a recent news event that ties into the work your organization does. Chances are they’ve already been thinking on the topic, so provide a unique platform to get your message out, and let our audience know you.

Social Comments

Compile the best comments you received on Facebook or Twitter about your organization and type them up into a blog post showing the impact of your organization, and that you are listening to your audience.

Evolved Thoughts

Write a follow-up article to one published in years past. How has your thinking changed, or what changes in culture/policy/governments has impacted or been impacted by your work?

What are other ways you can repurpose your content? Let us know what you’re re-heating, and contact us for new recipes and strategies for serving up information to your users.

Photo by Kathleen Franklin.

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Claire Kennedy
Claire values context, creativity, and joy. She uses these skills to help causes invest in the good of others.