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Spreadsheets: A Love Story

I love spreadsheets. And nothing warms my heart more than witnessing two spreadsheets come together in harmonious information-rich bliss. One of my favorite spreadsheet love stories occurred this Fall while …

Man on laptop floating on cloud in sky

Tips for Non-Designers Using Canva

Canva is an online graphic design tool created with non-designers in mind to create materials such as presentations, social media posts, ads, flyers, and more.  For organizations who don’t have …

Designing for Motion Sensitivity

Improving the accessibility of your website includes more people in your community, which is good for humans and good for business. Accessible design solutions create inclusive experiences to ensure users …

Day in the Life of an openbox9 Intern

I spent the summer before college practicing the rhythms of: organize, support, learn, create, and reflect.

Covid19 Drawing Working Remotely with Mask

Wanted: Graphic Designer

Join a team that pours creativity into the gooey center of our work. We need your problem solving skills and your quirky novelty wrapped up in a personable and creative …

Covid19 Drawing Working Remotely with Mask

openbox9 in the time of COVID-19

Clarity for our uncertain times…

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Web Design with Accessibility in Mind

As designers, it’s easy for us to prioritize aesthetics over everything. Does it look good? Consider it designed. But one of the most crucial aspects to good design is also one …

openbox9 turns 9

A photo journal recap!

A Designer’s Guide to D.C.

Art exhibitions, architectural details, and local street art often go unnoticed in the epicenter of national and international political affairs. However, as a Washington, D.C. native and an aspiring designer, …

Monarch Highway Logo

I-35 highway — runs up the center of the country, starting at Texas and goes all the way to Minnesota; in the heart of corn belts, tall prairies and miles of …

openbox9 hiring

Front End Developer

Join a team that pushes code in innovative ways. We need your problem solving skills and desire to never do the same-old-thing. Ideally you enjoy collaborating with team members and …

Ugly Sweater

6 Geese a Laying

A look back at our 2015 happenings