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[intro]Unlike the geese, we were not a-laying in 2015. Instead, we were…[/intro]

1. Reporting

In an annual fashion, we developed reports to highlight the outcome of your work. From sustainability efforts at Stanford University, to Wildlife Wins for the National Wildlife Federation, we turned traditionally static presentations into interactive adventures. Your supporters were treated to a beautiful and engaging experience that drew them further into your content, and leading to further investment in your work.

Stanford and Bison Christmas Sweater

2. Wording

We commit to using resources wisely, and believe in providing resources that serve more than a 1-time purpose. Our efforts toward that goal mean using often overlooked and misunderstood tools. While Microsoft Word is usually associated with Times New Roman 12-pt font, we spent time designing and developing quality templates, and training you on how to use them to reach you communication goals through reports, 1-pagers, and internal documents. Learn more from Josh’s 2-part series on when and when not to use Word for your words.

3. Campaigning

With over 17% of yearly giving happening at the end of the year, we worked hard to help you effectively connect with donors. End of the year campaigns extend beyond a single ask, and require strategy, planning, and focus so a cohesive message goes out to ears and eyes. Our strategy for 9Marks included segmented emails, a year in review landing page, an annual report, bite-size content made for social sharing, Word templates for direct mail, and custom donation form. Each touch point strengthened the relationship building, in-person meetings and phone calls that 9Marks continues to carry out this season, increasing end of the year giving.

4. Drinking

Drinking up our work in real life. Visiting you and seeing you put our work to good use fills us with inspiration, gratitude, and caffeine. From coffee to gin, we enjoyed spending time with you and being put to work!

Booze and coffee Sweater

5. Database Designing

We employed our brains organizing, displaying, and filtering data. From maps to sermons to photo galleries, we brought data to life, allowing it to be put to good use furthering understanding, inspiring growth, and empowering action.

6. Disciplining

For almost a third of the year, openbox9 committed to a repetitive creative task every day. The product of our work is not without process, and the discipline of the 100 Day Project grew us in pursuing creativity beyond a feeling, and valuing accountability. Follow our journey, and take one of your own!

100 Day Challenge Sweater

We had the joy of working hard to advance the work you do to make the world a better place. Thank you for inviting us to learn, grow, and use our skills for good.

Claire Kennedy headshot
Claire Kennedy
Claire values context, creativity, and joy. She uses these skills to help causes invest in the good of others.