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5 Iconic Horror Movie Posters

5 favorite horror movie poster designs and why they’re effective at quickening your heart rate

Day in the Life of an openbox9 Intern

I spent the summer before college practicing the rhythms of: organize, support, learn, create, and reflect.

openbox9 turns 9

A photo journal recap!

Remote Learnings

This summer I worked remotely – not at a coffee shop in town, or even across a state line, but 5,000 miles and 6 time zones away from my co-workers …

Accepting the Eggs

Ideas for a journal cover that never came to be

4 Album Design Trends of 2016

Always curious to which albums define a year in music, I find NPR’s list of top 100 albums go beyond popular to influential and cross cutting cultural lines. In looking …

Thoughtful Package Design tea package

Don’t Judge a Tea by it’s Package

Or maybe you should. As consumer options grow limitless, design decisions become more crucial to ensure your brand communicates the right message. Knowing the goals and priorities of your audience …

Ugly Sweater

6 Geese a Laying

A look back at our 2015 happenings

Thankful turkey blog artwork

Turkeys Telling Tales

openbox9 pays honor to this bird

Postcard with handlettering - saying goodbye

Reflections on my 100 day project

Last week marked the finish of my 100 day project. While it may be cliché, I have mixed feelings about it; I’m glad I did it, and glad it’s over. …

hand drawn heart

The 100 Day Project – a midpoint update

It’s been more than 50 days since some of us at openbox9 started the 100 Day project. As with any large undertaking, there have been some unexpected challenges, some fun …

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