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Spreadsheets: A Love Story

I love spreadsheets. And nothing warms my heart more than witnessing two spreadsheets come together in harmonious information-rich bliss. One of my favorite spreadsheet love stories occurred this Fall while …

Man on laptop floating on cloud in sky

Tips for Non-Designers Using Canva

Canva is an online graphic design tool created with non-designers in mind to create materials such as presentations, social media posts, ads, flyers, and more.  For organizations who don’t have …

5 Iconic Horror Movie Posters

5 favorite horror movie poster designs and why they’re effective at quickening your heart rate

A rainbow knitted head with a clock on it's forehead

How to Foster Creativity Within Your Team

As a team working on a myriad of design disciplines day in and day out, there are certain challenges we face every day. How can we design high-quality strategies and …

Designing for Motion Sensitivity

Improving the accessibility of your website includes more people in your community, which is good for humans and good for business. Accessible design solutions create inclusive experiences to ensure users …

Day in the Life of an openbox9 Intern

I spent the summer before college practicing the rhythms of: organize, support, learn, create, and reflect.

Women standing before a large wall with principles of data privacy

Your Next Privacy Policy

If you ask for, track, or retain any information about a user visiting your website, you need to tell them.

Choosing a Web Host: Part 2

Everyone has their favorite amenities when they travel. Free parking. Fitness equipment. Pet-friendly. (My favorite hotel offered a fish. You picked up your fish, in its bowl, at check in.) In …

House for sale

Choosing a Web Host: Part 1

According to realtors, finding a place to live starts with “location, location, location”. But your website lives on the internet – one big world-wide neighborhood. How picky do you actually …

Dog surrounded by letters

Dog Breeds if They Were Fonts

Designer and dog lover? You’ll get a kick out of these, fur real!

Launch sooner, like we did

We launched a new website – our own! After years of getting by with an old site while we made extravagant new sites for other people, we finally put the …

Covid19 Drawing Working Remotely with Mask

Wanted: Graphic Designer

Join a team that pours creativity into the gooey center of our work. We need your problem solving skills and your quirky novelty wrapped up in a personable and creative …