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John Baskerville and his elegant M

Typography IS important

It was only three years ago that I learned that typography is (if not the most vital part to) publication design. My professor sat the class down, gave us oversized …

Background videos killed the...

Background Videos, More Background Videos

Tips and guidelines for using looping background videos

TWR Motion artwork

TWR’s Motion Logo

A walk through a logo process

Photo of laptop screen

99 problems with data filtering

Is creating a filter for content easy?

Capital Trails Coalition

Using Stock Photos

How to go about using stock photos

openbox9 hiring

Front End Developer

Join a team that pushes code in innovative ways. We need your problem solving skills and desire to never do the same-old-thing. Ideally you enjoy collaborating with team members and …

Design Jargon photo

Understanding Design Jargon

Will that page bleed?

Map design - Interactive Map

Storytelling Through a Map

Can data and a map tell your story?

Design trends artwork

2016 Website Trends, the Newness

What new(ish) things you’ll hear about this year

Thoughtful Package Design tea package

Don’t Judge a Tea by it’s Package

Or maybe you should. As consumer options grow limitless, design decisions become more crucial to ensure your brand communicates the right message. Knowing the goals and priorities of your audience …

Ugly Sweater

6 Geese a Laying

A look back at our 2015 happenings

Do's to improve online donations artwork

7 Do’s to Improve Online Donations

Strategies for your online fundraising efforts