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Remote Learnings

This summer I worked remotely – not at a coffee shop in town, or even across a state line, but 5,000 miles and 6 time zones away from my co-workers …

Monarch Highway Logo

I-35 highway — runs up the center of the country, starting at Texas and goes all the way to Minnesota; in the heart of corn belts, tall prairies and miles of …

Accepting the Eggs

Ideas for a journal cover that never came to be

4 Album Design Trends of 2016

Always curious to which albums define a year in music, I find NPR’s list of top 100 albums go beyond popular to influential and cross cutting cultural lines. In looking …

Ebook platform comparisons

Comparing Inkling vs. Pressbooks

The battle for the better online publishing tool

John Baskerville and his elegant M

Typography IS important

It was only three years ago that I learned that typography is (if not the most vital part to) publication design. My professor sat the class down, gave us oversized …

Background videos killed the...

Background Videos, More Background Videos

Tips and guidelines for using looping background videos

TWR Motion artwork

TWR’s Motion Logo

A walk through a logo process

Photo of laptop screen

99 problems with data filtering

Is creating a filter for content easy?

Capital Trails Coalition

Using Stock Photos

How to go about using stock photos

openbox9 hiring

Front End Developer

Join a team that pushes code in innovative ways. We need your problem solving skills and desire to never do the same-old-thing. Ideally you enjoy collaborating with team members and …