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I-35 highway — runs up the center of the country, starting at Texas and goes all the way to Minnesota; in the heart of corn belts, tall prairies and miles of lush land. This highway, and the land around it, is part of the migration path for monarch butterflies so in 2015 the federal government designated it the Monarch Highway to bolster the declining butterfly population.

Working with the White House, the Dept. of Transportation and the National Wildlife Federation, we created a interstate sign to mark the way and help promote the preservation of the Monarch.

Final Logo

The monarch-highway-winged-butterfly is designed in a clean, graphical manner. It’s simple enough to be spotted at 70 mph yet unique in how it offers perspective in the road of the lower wings.

In Context

Other materials are in the works, such as letterheads, brochures, print ads, etc, here are a few fun ideas:

What Could Have Been

We experimented with different ideas that incorporate soft colors, stark contrast and different shaped signs.

If you plan on driving on 1-35, keep a look out for our sign… while paying attention to the road of course.

Sonia Polyzos
Sonia Polyzos
Sonia has been practicing design for six years now. Her goal as a designer is to communicate a clear message while creating some cool, funky designs.