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University of California - Sustainability Annual Report graphics

From Flip to Scroll – University of California

Creating the University of California’s Online Sustainability Annual Report Changing the way you create an annual report is not easy – change is hard and the transition from a PDF …

Monarch Highway Logo

I-35 highway — runs up the center of the country, starting at Texas and goes all the way to Minnesota; in the heart of corn belts, tall prairies and miles of …

Various logos that include mountains

A journey through mountain logos

What does stonehenge, a ram’s head and a rocket ship all have in common? That’s right, they’re all logos of outfitting companies with some sort of mountain themed logo. Read on for kicks »

bunny pumping water into his garden

idea: saving street water

Water problems solved: Conserves water during times when processed water should be used for humans/animal types not plants Prevents rainstorm runoff from getting into our waterways (what’s wrong with that?) …

Baby gator

We hiked, we saught, we almost lost two fingers to Swampy

What lurks behind tree stumps and makes the sound of a gagged walrus? Can alligators the size of a squirrel fly? Can a human inside a ranger rick mascot outfit …

NWF homepage

New Wildlife Website for the Nation (in progress)

In the spring of 09, National Wildlife Federation sent out a survey to its constituents presenting the new website design. Happily, the profanity used was in adulation not condemnation for …

wild bear

openbox9’s life gets wild

We are thrilled to announce the starting of a exciting union between the National Wildlife Federation and openbox9. NWF mission is to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s …

calculator with money

Carbon Calculator Launched for Alcoa

Turns out openbox9 was minty-green and was not the green, tree-hugging group it thought it was. We learned alot about how one can reduce their carbon footprint on the Earth …