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What lurks behind tree stumps and makes the sound of a gagged walrus? Can alligators the size of a squirrel fly? Can a human inside a ranger rick mascot outfit feel kids trying to tickle them? openbox9 and its mascots Carlee and Kathleen went to answer these questions at National Wildlife Federation’s Hike and Seek — a Chicago, Seattle, Washington DC fundraising event openbox9 had the joy of designing their branding and marketing vehicles.

I will NOT tell you about whether gators can fly – you’ll have to go next year to find out.

openbox9 Mascot Carlee leads the pack of hikers
openbox9 Mascot Carlee leads the pack of hikers into the wild
Girl pets aligator
Mascot Kathleen pets Swampy the aligator
Ashleigh holding up Hike and Seek patch
Our logo (designed to look like a patch) made into a real patch - cool.

To see some of our other work for NWF, we all invite you to click here.

Michael Schafer
Michael has spent the past 25 years applying his experience and superpowers to further the missions of social-good organizations, and has no plans to stop.