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Dog surrounded by letters

Dog Breeds if They Were Fonts

Designer and dog lover? You’ll get a kick out of these, fur real!

Thoughtful Package Design tea package

Don’t Judge a Tea by it’s Package

Or maybe you should. As consumer options grow limitless, design decisions become more crucial to ensure your brand communicates the right message. Knowing the goals and priorities of your audience …

openbox9 resources

2015 Social Media Cheat Sheet

Visual content has become an extremely useful way to engage with audiences using social media. Many of our clients find themselves creating images for their social profiles, but not knowing the …

Logo spelled out with goldfish

Brand Management in our Visual Age

Advice on visual branding

By Vegan Strawberry Pop Tarts

The Privilege of Collaboration

*Post updated to reflect the impact after 6 months. We love the excitement and stories our clients bring us. It fuels our creativity and problem-solving. Client meetings are typically filled …

Trending: Color search

Have you ever searched on a website and been frustrated that you couldn’t find the right shade of those teal curtains? Well, if you’ve been online in recent years you’ll …

Killing the facebook Logo Softly

Reducing the noise of social media icons on websites is a trend (finally). With little scientific measurements, I suggest most people tap their flip-flop strapped feet to rhythmic beats; so …

Various tea logos

Three classes of tea

Coffee is too bold. Hot chocolate is too sophomoric. No, tea is the the perfect drink. Drinking tea is charming, quaint, and comes from a longstanding tradition. Have you ever …

Various logos that include mountains

A journey through mountain logos

What does stonehenge, a ram’s head and a rocket ship all have in common? That’s right, they’re all logos of outfitting companies with some sort of mountain themed logo. Read on for kicks »

AICGS logo transforming from sketch to digital concept

The result of a German-American love affair

What do you get when you mix a little American ingenuity with German engineering? No, not a VW, but something just as cute. A new logo? Perhaps. Here at openbox9 …

Neon sign - the pressure is good for you

How “The Boy Who Lived” Changed Design

Nothing is hotter this summer than Harry Potter (except the temperature here in DC). Our entire culture, my entire generation, has been influenced by this 7 book, 8 movie monstrosity …

Ya Mama logo

Logo creation process for Ya Mama

This is the company name of a foundation in Oman that works to enhance the physical, economic and social well-being of women and their families. I had the privilege of …

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