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Monarch Highway Logo

I-35 highway — runs up the center of the country, starting at Texas and goes all the way to Minnesota; in the heart of corn belts, tall prairies and miles of …

TWR Motion artwork

TWR’s Motion Logo

A walk through a logo process

Various tea logos

Three classes of tea

Coffee is too bold. Hot chocolate is too sophomoric. No, tea is the the perfect drink. Drinking tea is charming, quaint, and comes from a longstanding tradition. Have you ever …

Various logos that include mountains

A journey through mountain logos

What does stonehenge, a ram’s head and a rocket ship all have in common? That’s right, they’re all logos of outfitting companies with some sort of mountain themed logo. Read on for kicks »

Plate full of cookies

Making of the Baking the Cookies

This time, tasty design became edible for a recent Christmas card design for our friends at 9Marks… for those out there that want a July 4th card I have an …

AICGS logo transforming from sketch to digital concept

The result of a German-American love affair

What do you get when you mix a little American ingenuity with German engineering? No, not a VW, but something just as cute. A new logo? Perhaps. Here at openbox9 …

Variety of presidential logos, but not too many colors

Why design matters for presidential hopefuls

Since this is pre-election year I thought I’d dip my feet in the political waters deep enough to assess the presidential hopefuls’ logos for 2012. This is done with no …

Minor league logos

Our 5 Favorite Minor League Baseball Logos

We all know the Yankees, the Sox, and the Nationals, and we know their familiar branding. The simple N and Y, the swirly W, but for a second put those …

Ya Mama logo

Logo creation process for Ya Mama

This is the company name of a foundation in Oman that works to enhance the physical, economic and social well-being of women and their families. I had the privilege of …