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Like finding the right solution for a burger recipe or a symphony score, a logo creation process starts with knowing the opportunities, the audience, and the intended results. Starts with questions.

For TWR Motion, we began with understanding the relationship between the parent brand “TWR International” (who has been broadcasting Christian audio into remote regions of the world for decades), to their added video department. Enter TWR Motion and the mission to broaden the TWR audience and distribute rich visual content around the globe.

Mood board

Inspiration can come from many likely places but the enjoyable ones come from pairing unlikely ingredients so for the mood board we pulled in images that feed the creative cooking. Below is a small sample that lead to the final logo. These patterns from around the globe inspired a direction along with a historical ‘play’ button from the past.

A mood board of the Motion logo


While a sketch cannot hold much detail it can help the brain quickly process ideas. The idea is to get as many ideas out and refine them. Here you can see the exploration and how ideas started to morph together and where other ideas died peacefully.

Sketches of the logo


Once a sketch looks good in the brain, its time to move to rendering it on-screen. Here the process is to reduce distractions and look for ways to enhance the shapes. Designing the negative space is just as important as the elements used. Here we continue to envision how the logo will lead into future visual branding materials. Will this be a nice logo but a dud of a visual system? Always we ask questions we do.

Exploration of Logo ideas


The result is a solid and strong statement that speaks of motion through a vibrant pattern beckoning the reader to play. Its humble and clean but has a jubilant personality that we feel will create an inviting tone. It sets the stage for a future effective branding system!


The Mark

Logos, in our current online marketplace, need to be functional and often times that means placing a logo in tiny spaces. Our solution for the play button mark is versatile and we hope to see different patterns around it in the future.

The Motion logo mark

Michael Schafer
Michael has spent the past 25 years applying his experience and superpowers to further the missions of social-good organizations, and has no plans to stop.