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Virginia Humanities

Sharing stories of all Virginians

Snow White had her seven dwarves. Each one with their own personality lended its strengths to the others in order to accomplish a task. Our work with Virginia Humanities provided …

5 Virtual Activities to do with Coworkers

Working as part of a team, it’s important to keep in good spirits, practice healthy work cadences, and maintain open collaborative channels with our coworkers. All these things are part …

Gifts for Graphic Designers

What to REALLY Gift the Graphic Designer in Your Life

Designers are a complex group and often misunderstood. “Oh you’re a graphic designer!? It must be so cool to draw all day!” But you, an intellectual, know that there must …

Accepting the Eggs

Ideas for a journal cover that never came to be

Background videos killed the...

Background Videos, More Background Videos

Tips and guidelines for using looping background videos

Ugly Sweater

6 Geese a Laying

A look back at our 2015 happenings

Do's to improve online donations artwork

7 Do’s to Improve Online Donations

Strategies for your online fundraising efforts

Letter Q over a work desk
Abstract images of an infographic

Storytelling through Well-Designed Infographics

Good infographics require thought…getting to the key point requires work.

3 Ways to Love Online Donors

Online giving grew by 11% in 2012*. Which means the ROI in online fundraising tools, many of which are free, is pretty dang good. But we all know a one-time …

Don’t Scare the Donors

Your job is to change their minds and turn them into champions

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