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hand drawn heart

The 100 Day Project – a midpoint update

It’s been more than 50 days since some of us at openbox9 started the 100 Day project. As with any large undertaking, there have been some unexpected challenges, some fun …

African Proverb: "If you want to go Fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together"

openbox9 takes on the 100 Day Project

100 days of one activity challenge

Cat looking out a window with the words Sir Chives

A Mighty Fine Rhyme with Nine

Poems from a friend of openbox9

Cursor icon on top of an actual hand

Going steady with the world wide web

Learning web design on the job – Hannah explains

Drawing of a turkey

Give Thanks

The team’s thoughts on Thanksgiving

9s on fire, just like us

nine 9’s – a rigorous team exercise

The openbox9 team cuts, chews, and makes some 9’s

Ideas need liftoff

Communicating Your Local Identity, Globally

Raise your voice above the chaotic chatter

Millennialls taking a selfie with sunglasses

Reaching Out to Millennials

As a communications major, there are many phrases and reminders that have been drilled into my head. One has always stood out to me in particular: know your target audience. …

Bringing Back the Golden Age of Mail

Happy were the days when mailboxes were overflowing with letters from far off loved ones, party invitations and exotic post cards. Holding a written note in your hand was a …

Eyes Opened to Design

Every second, of everyday design is surrounding us. To some of us, it greets us as an old friend, others a new chapter. And still some don’t recognize its presence. …

The Night Before

The night before a big day is always stressful. You run through all potential situations, try on every outfit in your closet and attempt to remember why you are putting …

Cheetahs Receive Some Help from Our Bytes

When it comes to promoting beauty, the best thing to do as a designer is get out of the way and let the beauty do all the work. Designing for …