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What better way to redbull the creative veins than an invigorating creative exercise. The task: each team member created nine “9’s” in two hours… in whatever method they chose (chewed).

Hannah playing with fire

nines_0033_Photo Nov 18, 11 57 20 AM.jpg nines_0031_Photo Nov 18, 11 29 39 AM.jpgnines_0029_photo ms4.JPG nines_0020_photo is2.JPG

nines_0017_photo 8.JPG

nines_0014_photo 5-1.JPG nines_0012_photo 2.JPGnines_0009_IMG_5256.JPG nines_0005_IMG_5234.JPG

Nine On Fire

nines_0045_photoinger.JPG nines_0044_photo(9).JPG nines_0043_photo(8).JPG nines_0042_photo(6).JPG


nines_0040_photo(2).JPG nines_0038_photo.JPGnines_0037_Photo Nov 18, 12 22 28 PM.jpg nines_0036_Photo Nov 18, 12 16 50 PM.jpg

Surgical Michael

nines_0030_photo ms8.JPG

nines_0035_Photo Nov 18, 12 03 30 PM.jpg nines_0034_Photo Nov 18, 12 02 18 PM.jpg nines_0032_Photo Nov 18, 11 43 00 AM.jpg nines_0028_photo ms2.JPG

nines_0023_photo is5.JPG

nines_0026_photo is9.JPG nines_0025_photo is8.JPG nines_0024_photo is6.JPG nines_0022_photo is4.JPG

nines_0011_photo 2-1.JPG

nines_0027_photo ms.JPG nines_0021_photo is3.JPG nines_0019_photo is1.JPG nines_0018_photo 34.JPG


nines_0016_photo 7.JPG nines_0015_photo 5.JPG nines_0013_photo 4-1.JPG nines_0010_photo 1.JPG


nines_0007_IMG_5245.JPG nines_0006_IMG_5237.JPG nines_0004_IMG_5218.JPG nines_0003_IMG_5215.JPG


teepee leaves nines_0002_DSC_0727.JPG nines_0001_DSC_0725.JPG

Inger in the shadows

Michael Schafer
Michael has spent the past 25 years applying his experience and superpowers to further the missions of social-good organizations, and has no plans to stop.