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Happy were the days when mailboxes were overflowing with letters from far off loved ones, party invitations and exotic post cards. Holding a written note in your hand was a good feeling, you knew the sender was a real person who cared enough to pull out the old quill and ink.

Today is somewhat similar. Our mailboxes are always full. Our email boxes are always full. And our regular mailboxes always seem to have a goodie or two a lot of bills and unwanted magazines. So actually, I guess today isn’t all that similar to the golden age of mail. But at openbox9, we won’t stand for this injustice.

We believe in the paper and pen. We believe in the stamp. We believe in the mailbox and the mail carrier to deliver a message. Therefore, we send out postcards to give people a little something to look forward to amongst the credit card offers and Old Navy sale flyers.

Our attempt to bring back the age of exciting mail isn’t much, but it’s how we believe is the best way to say Happy 4th of July/Merry Christmas/Happy Easter/Great Earth Day!


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