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One of the highlights of working with clients is getting a personally-guided tour of their work. An even bigger highlight is when a client uses their expertise to enrich our eyes, in this case poetry. Below is the work of Isaac Adams using his gift of words to describe the openbox9 team.

Finders Keepers

From costumes to chicken dog creatures,
To tons of new-founded cool features,
To graphics, strategy, and design,
Pick this team, this family: OB9,
You finders, I promise they’re keepers!

The Gift: A Haiku

High skills, they’re gift, and
your dream is they’re task and yes!
Low bills is they’re ask.

From a Cat Called Chives

I’m a cat called Sir Chives,
They say I have 9 lives,
And if I did store them anywhere,
I would do so with trust and much care,
One in each open box would be wise.

Meet the Team or what I like to call Frankenstein

There’s master Michael: the chief of the troops,
And interstellar Ingrid who counts all the loot,
And sweet Susan who gives Michael the shakes,
(when he steps out of line or when he misbehaves!)
Now judge Joe, jester Josh, and sneaky Sean, I never met,
Might this mean Openbox9 has secret agents on deck?
After all, their missions, should you choose to accept, never fail,
But I must be back to my story of lore, my grandiose tale,
There’s captain cool — that’s Claire — who keeps clients straight,
And Hairy Hannah: the designer, the legend, the great.
And there’s, well — Nate — or is it Nathan?
Either way, all these will grab you ideas and make them,
“Come alive, come alive!” (not like Frankenstein),
Like the real deal, like what you want,
That’s OpenBox 9, folks!

Claire Kennedy headshot
Claire Kennedy
Claire values context, creativity, and joy. She uses these skills to help causes invest in the good of others.