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drawn turkey with checked feathers


As thanksgiving gobbles itself to our tables, we wanted to take a waddle back from our usual writing topic of design and share with you all what we’re thankful for …

Baby gator

We hiked, we saught, we almost lost two fingers to Swampy

What lurks behind tree stumps and makes the sound of a gagged walrus? Can alligators the size of a squirrel fly? Can a human inside a ranger rick mascot outfit …

Potatoskin peeling off a spud face

Our Solution – P.G. County Potatoskins

A new brand for a new football season Every year, there is a sour pickle in my bowl of jolly cereal. I love football but that pickle is the name …

Ceagle with a 4th of July hat

Beefy Eagles are best on the 4th

A sea of bold graphics This Independence day, I ask that you not only enjoy the pageantry of men in grilling aprons, the whiff of a sizzling grill or a …

yellow flowers in a field

Spring is ringing

As our eyes stick with pollen and our hearts ooze out joy from the warmth, we are not charging into spring with idle hands. Much is happening in our international …

USAID print reports - each unique, but all part of the whole

USAID and Promoting Gender Equitable Opportunities

Completing a year long project Can addressing gender issues in the marketplace improve the programs that USAID is implementing overseas? Can these countries gain economic growth and lasting poverty reduction …

nines on nines

The day made for openbox9 – 9/9/09

Nine, nine, nine — yes, yes, yes, this is the best day! It is the day made for openbox9 and it will never repeat, so please join us in nines… …

Church poster

A church and design : Crossroads 09

At many churches, activity and the need to promote them is always on flurry mode. Crossroads Church in California is no different in that regard but it is special in …

NWF homepage

New Wildlife Website for the Nation (in progress)

In the spring of 09, National Wildlife Federation sent out a survey to its constituents presenting the new website design. Happily, the profanity used was in adulation not condemnation for …

hands on bars

Safe Housing for Families – Website Consultation

For those that live in northern Virginia, please look into supporting Doorways for Woman and Families. They are a wonderful organization that provide needed services for families of violent situations …

chunny of hope

Easter Should Taste Like Chicken

A new Easter story that explains what a rabbit has to do with Jesus Christ… and recipes!

animated bunny

Easter hop(e) Complete Campaign

Parkside Church, Cleveland, Ohio – Easter 2009 Campaign The challenge was simple – no images of Easter lilies. Harder to avoid than one would think — people love those flowers. …