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For many, this is a tough time of year! There’s much to be done and many expectations to be met. But wait, there’s more!

From us here at openbox9 to you, congrats on getting through another year!


Congrats on making so many improvements in the way you see the world, treat others, treat yourself, and well, just congrats on becoming a better person! We think you’re pretty awesome, and while we understand that need to question yourself and make plans to improve with every year that you are blessed to be given, we’d also like to reward you with the challenge to Enjoy the Process. After all, you only have one life, but we grow with every moment we’re given. Bask in your accomplishments for a moment!

Blessings and peace to you this New Year!

Ashleigh in sketch
Ashleigh is a graphic designer with roots in fine arts, a love for all things creative, and a BFA in graphic design from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Ashleigh has a passion for design that almost trumps her passion for caring for others. Almost. She thrives finding distinct and pertinent solutions for organizations and causes.