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Journey & Immersion -Sites We’re Inspired By

We’re always out looking for new trends and inspiration. Recently, we’ve noticed a few things in the world of the web that have us pretty excited and, yes, inspired! They …

winking christmas tree

A New Year’s Wish from openbox9 to You

For many, this is a tough time of year! There’s much to be done and many expectations to be met. But wait, there’s more! From us here at openbox9 to …

Our Guide to Writing a “Request for a Proposal” (RFP)

To Start Before you begin writing your RFP, its essential to have done some research into your needs. has a good example, “Don’t issue an RFP for a machine …

Proofreading symbols

Proofread. proofread. proofread mark cheat sheet.

Once you’ve proofread you’ll need to clearly indicate the changes that need to be made, that much is obvious. Proofreading marks are devices that specify needed corrections on draft documents. …

Keywords word bubble

Use your words. Keywords.

You’ve probably been hearing about all of the expensive work that can be done to your non-profit’s website to help it rank higher on search engines, but we have some …

Easter egg advertisement

The Icons of Easter

What’s your stance on bunnies and eggs and lillies being used to promote your Easter celebration?