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Proofreading marks

Once you’ve proofread you’ll need to clearly indicate the changes that need to be made, that much is obvious. Proofreading marks are devices that specify needed corrections on draft documents. We know what you’re likely to think, most of the work we do is now done digitally, so how is this relevant?

Well, if you’re like many of our clients, printing out documents in order to make notes is still a very common practice and for good reason. We shouldn’t rely completely on what we see on screen. Especially for materials that will be printed, seeing the draft documents printed out will give you a better idea of the visibility and clarity of the text so that you can make proper requests for edits.

For your free use, we’ve attached a proofreading mark cheat sheet. There’s no need to memorize dozens of marks used in proofreading. If you keep our sheet handy you’ll become quickly familiar with regularly used symbols.


Click to Download the Proofreading Mark Cheat Sheet

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Ashleigh is a graphic designer with roots in fine arts, a love for all things creative, and a BFA in graphic design from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Ashleigh has a passion for design that almost trumps her passion for caring for others. Almost. She thrives finding distinct and pertinent solutions for organizations and causes.