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Photo of Covid sign on Door

Covid Wear-a-Mask Door Signs

Free downloads for your door!

Thoughtful Package Design tea package

Don’t Judge a Tea by it’s Package

Or maybe you should. As consumer options grow limitless, design decisions become more crucial to ensure your brand communicates the right message. Knowing the goals and priorities of your audience …

One Two Three Four Five Six over a Word document

Six Things You Didn’t Know Word Could Do :: Design and Microsoft Word, Part 1

Using the humble Microsoft Word for in-house materials

Hands on a coffeeshop table with a sketchook, cellphones, and tablet

6 Thoughts on Evolving Your Website Design

Web design, even more than other forms of design, is constantly evolving. It’s something we love about it. Limitations that previously constrained us are slowly disappearing and we have greater possibilities for wowing …

Design can be busy

The rise of the design eye and the ability to articulate what one likes and dislikes has ascended. This common appreciation for aesthetics and design between design-laymans and designers has …

Proofreading symbols

Proofread. proofread. proofread mark cheat sheet.

Once you’ve proofread you’ll need to clearly indicate the changes that need to be made, that much is obvious. Proofreading marks are devices that specify needed corrections on draft documents. …