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Is Your Voice Being Heard?

From email to postcard to Tweet, your organization builds relationships, shares information, and inspires action through your communication efforts. It’s how your audience experiences the voice of your mission and is inspired to join you in your work. Awareness of how the voice of your nonprofit travels across various platforms equips you to strengthen its consistency and effectiveness – is your voice recognizable? Is it being used to motivate your audience to take the actions you need?

Benefits of an Audit

The new year provides a natural time to take inventory – to appreciate the achievements you want to carry forward and identify the areas you want to strengthen. Awareness of where you are is necessary in order to make smarter plans to get where you want to be.

Taking time to hear the voice of your organization as its spoken across various platforms enables you to amplify your message. Choosing the outcomes you want to see shapes the priorities of your future communication plans, ensuring greater value from your efforts throughout the year.

Communications Audit Worksheet

openbox9 created a worksheet for you to audit the voice and effectiveness of your organization’s communication efforts. It will give you perspective on your current messaging and its impact in order for you to make informed and intentional decisions going forward. The resource guides you in auditing the output and the outcome of your efforts, equipping you to correct and clarify future communication.

Use this worksheet to gain insights, document goals, and guide your team as you share your mission with the world. Have multiple team members complete the worksheet on their own, then come together to share your discoveries. Keep an open mind and allow your findings to correct your previous assumptions.

Need help taking the next step creating a consistent and effective voice for your nonprofit? Contact us via phone or our contact form – We’re happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

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Claire Kennedy
Claire values context, creativity, and joy. She uses these skills to help causes invest in the good of others.