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There’s no hiding our giddiness when it comes to testing designs and participating in studies that reveal how the change to the smallest of details can increase donation completion rates on a Convio form.

openbox9 will be joining National Wildlife Federation (NWF) this spring in a Convio sponsored “donation form optimization study.” In short, we will evaluate the Convio form, modify its behavior and test variables. Even the slightest changes can increase percentages which for NWF could be substantial. Ever wonder what’s the most optimal order of credit card icons? We’ll be testing it 🙂

Because other major like-minded non-profits will be participating, we will get to learn from their tests too and gather valuable best practices. Some of the others that are participating with us are: PETA, WWF, the Nature Convervancy, Care and the Defenders of Wildlife. We are humbled for sure to have the opportunity to learn from these great organizations.

The study results by Convio will not be ready until the fall of 010 – until then there are fine things to read to pass the time.

Michael Schafer
Michael has spent the past 25 years applying his experience and superpowers to further the missions of social-good organizations, and has no plans to stop.