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University of California - Sustainability Annual Report graphics

From Flip to Scroll – University of California

Creating the University of California’s Online Sustainability Annual Report Changing the way you create an annual report is not easy – change is hard and the transition from a PDF …

Virginia Humanities

Sharing stories of all Virginians

Snow White had her seven dwarves. Each one with their own personality lended its strengths to the others in order to accomplish a task. Our work with Virginia Humanities provided …

Photo of cat riding a horse to symbolize accessibility

Make Your Website Accessible and Inclusive (in 9 ways)

Being emphatic is what designers do

Photo of laptop screen

99 problems with data filtering

Is creating a filter for content easy?

Map design - Interactive Map

Storytelling Through a Map

Can data and a map tell your story?

Don’t overcomplicate it: redesigning forms

Form design can be like a maze. Don’t overcomplicate it for your user.

Various tea logos

Three classes of tea

Coffee is too bold. Hot chocolate is too sophomoric. No, tea is the the perfect drink. Drinking tea is charming, quaint, and comes from a longstanding tradition. Have you ever …

Trees in the night

What is design thinking?

I had the privilege of having drinks with Ellen Lupton last week (think: water + 50 other people in the room). Her topic: “what is design and design thinking?” Defining …

Convio icon

Convio Donation Optimization Study and Us

There’s no hiding our giddiness when it comes to testing designs and participating in studies that reveal how the change to the smallest of details can increase donation completion rates …

on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese

Now that’s a Spicy Meatball

Smell that? It’s a steamy savory saucy meatball sub heading your way on a plate of goodness and you’re running to it. Meatball subs—they symbolize the joy of eating. A …

calculator with money

Carbon Calculator Launched for Alcoa

Turns out openbox9 was minty-green and was not the green, tree-hugging group it thought it was. We learned alot about how one can reduce their carbon footprint on the Earth …