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The night before a big day is always stressful.

You run through all potential situations, try on every outfit in your closet and attempt to remember why you are putting yourself through night-before stress when the big day will probably be fine. My most recent big day was the start of my internship at Openbox9 and it was met with the common night-before stressors.

Before last Tuesday, I had never walked into the office, never met the people and didn’t know too much about how I was going to spend my summer interning there. But, as it normally is, my big “first day” turned out to be fine, better than fine actually, it was great!

I learned a lot of valuable things about Openbox9. Things like the office is equip with an endless supply of free water and that one time an intern got locked in their bathroom for “a couple of hours” (it was an accident mom, don’t worry). But, my favorite thing of my first day was getting to meet the people.

I met Michael, Hannah, Claire and Inger and felt welcomed from the start! Michael gave me the 411 about all things Openbox9 and made me feel like I was a true part of the team. Hannah taught me the basics of HTML in approximately 7 minutes, which speaks volumes about her skills.  And Claire introduced me to Basecamp, which I would say everyone here has a slight addiction to (in the best way possible). I met Michael’s wife, Inger, at lunch and we instantly clicked over our involvement with Young Life, I’m pretty sure we could have talked about it for days.

When I got home from my first day, it was like I had never been nervous for it to start and I was already excited for day number two. I can’t wait for what this summer holds with these great people.

Here’s to the next few months and hoping I don’t find myself locked in the bathroom!

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