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17.4% of all charitable giving in 2014 happened in 1 month. Guess which one? Hint, it rhymes with moocember. You got it, December.

Giving By Month Graph

December makes a difference for nonprofits. Are you ready?

Below is a list of resources to make the most of the time, and have you fa la laaaing in opportunities to make a greater difference in the world in 2016.

Give it up for #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday is a national holiday to celebrate nonprofits, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (Dec. 1). Take advantage of a date already marked in your donor’s calendar, and plan a day to celebrate your work. This could be the date that kicks off your end of year fundraising campaign, or kick it into 2nd gear.

Boost Your Efforts

Is your website, your team, and your plan ready to be put into action? View this recorded webinar to prepare well for the season of giving.

Email Matters

In December, emails fall faster than snow flurries. Will yours compel donors to give? Learn how to write better fundraising emails and inspire inboxes.


The gift that keeps on giving – matching gifts. The leverage from a matching contribution can strengthen and increase the work of your organization. Promote available matching gifts, and encourage donors to seek opportunities from employers to match their donation – tis the season for giving more.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Your campaign doesn’t end on December 31st – it’s just getting started. How you thank donors is the greatest game-changer of whether or not they will give to you again. Treat your donors as the heroes they are and cultivate long-term relationships. When ‘thank you’ isn’t enough, check out new ways to delight and appreciate your donors.

To make the most of December, use November to plan for awesomeness. Contact Us for for a successful end of year fundraising strategy and holiday cheers!

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Claire Kennedy
Claire values context, creativity, and joy. She uses these skills to help causes invest in the good of others.