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(Little) Lights, Camera, Action: Video Production at Its Best

This Summer we produced a video that premiered at the…

Do's to improve online donations artwork

7 Do’s to Improve Online Donations

Strategies for your online fundraising efforts

End of year fundraising photo of money

End of Year, Beginning of Fundraising

17.4% of all charitable giving in 2014 happened in 1 month. Guess which one? Hint, it rhymes with moocember. You got it, December. December makes a difference for nonprofits. Are …

3 Ways to Love Online Donors

Online giving grew by 11% in 2012*. Which means the ROI in online fundraising tools, many of which are free, is pretty dang good. But we all know a one-time …

Don’t Scare the Donors

Your job is to change their minds and turn them into champions