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nines on nines

The day made for openbox9 – 9/9/09

Nine, nine, nine — yes, yes, yes, this is the best day! It is the day made for openbox9 and it will never repeat, so please join us in nines… …

Church poster

A church and design : Crossroads 09

At many churches, activity and the need to promote them is always on flurry mode. Crossroads Church in California is no different in that regard but it is special in …

Whitehouse homepage

Obama’s website versus Information Architecture

Bush vs. Obama. Who has the better website you say? The Washington Times writes a compelling discussion that pits style and image versus information and usability. Its interesting because of …

NWF homepage

New Wildlife Website for the Nation (in progress)

In the spring of 09, National Wildlife Federation sent out a survey to its constituents presenting the new website design. Happily, the profanity used was in adulation not condemnation for …

hands on bars

Safe Housing for Families – Website Consultation

For those that live in northern Virginia, please look into supporting Doorways for Woman and Families. They are a wonderful organization that provide needed services for families of violent situations …

chunny of hope

Easter Should Taste Like Chicken

A new Easter story that explains what a rabbit has to do with Jesus Christ… and recipes!

animated bunny

Easter hop(e) Complete Campaign

Parkside Church, Cleveland, Ohio – Easter 2009 Campaign The challenge was simple – no images of Easter lilies. Harder to avoid than one would think — people love those flowers. …

b4 logo

Before there was a BEFORE

A new joint program between Swiss Peace and the Alliance for Peacebuilding needed a complete marketing foundation. First a name. After many name ideas present by openbox9, the choice selection …

greek men giving advice

National Mentoring Month Website

Have you ever thought about the people that help craft who you are today? January is the month where we should all run out and hug that mentor and consider …

on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese

Now that’s a Spicy Meatball

Smell that? It’s a steamy savory saucy meatball sub heading your way on a plate of goodness and you’re running to it. Meatball subs—they symbolize the joy of eating. A …

Lost Sparrow at Slamdance

Lost Sparrow goes to Slamdance

The Slamdance Film festival, in Park City Utah, will be premiering the latest film from Chris Billings. The film, Lost Sparrow, is a gripping movie about one family confronting the …

wild bear

openbox9’s life gets wild

We are thrilled to announce the starting of a exciting union between the National Wildlife Federation and openbox9. NWF mission is to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s …