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Institute for Global Affairs

The team of editorial thinkers at the Institute For Global Affairs (IGA) make complex geo-political topics digestible to individuals, enabling them to make meaning of how their lives are impacted by global events. With meaning, individuals can engage with and influence ideas that shape the world. But first, IGA needed a visual identity and a variety of communication tools to connect its mission to a modern audience.

IGA branding, stationary, and website

Creating and Accelerating a Brand

When IGA (Formally known as EGF) started in 2017, openbox9 was trusted as their partner to develop their brand and custom design their online news and reporting platform. The elevated expertise of openbox9 enabled IGA’s initial launch to be met with support and enthusiasm as a go-to resource for relevant and understandable information. Since the launch, the partnership continued through website realignments, interactive digital reports, an evolution of print pieces, data visualizations, digital strategy, and messaging consultation. In 2023, openbox9 was included in a very big step of clarifying their brand with a new name, and subsequently a new visual brand.

IGA logos in color
IGA Logo Design

Behind the Branding

While backed by the reputation of smart and targeted ideas from the work of Ian Bremmer, IGA needed to introduce its ideas to a new younger audience, changing its tone, word choice, and look to effectively connect as a trusted friend rather than a distant wonk. openbox9 developed an identity for Gen Z’ers who are unimpressed by traditional news sources and looking for something different. openbox9’s solutions included a content development guide to define EGF’s voice, training on how to tailor messaging to specific platforms, and collateral to equip the IGA team with leave-behinds after making connections.

IGA folder design
IGA social media design on Instagram
IGA business card design, front and back
Boy on iPad reading EGF website
IGA mission statement
IGA homepage displayed on Mac desktop

Developing a Communication Tool

Through IGA’s growth and shifts, openbox9 built an adaptable online communication tool and provided strategy to ensure the website’s structure and emphasis matched IGA’s long-term goals and connected with its growing audience. Out continued partnership ensures the website conveys a matured identity through a combination of visuals, database restructures, page hierarchy, interactive states, and messaging strategy.

A smart database architecture enables the IGA team to efficiently produce and promote timely content, organized within a taxonomy that powers an intuitive navigation system. openbox9 trained the IGA team to be able to quickly publish and promote relevant news content, connected to more long-term research report publications. Readers are served relevant information and given the ability to focus on their specific interests.

Content series are grouped to reflect IGA’s core mission of Research, Outreach, and Education. While an attractive website, the beauty of the site is its brains! Users are led to related content across mediums, from research reports to video segments, from podcast episodes to curriculum.

Two iPads displaying the IGA website and taxonomy
The beauty of a page is not what you see but the system that displays it
Young girl sitting with dad looking at iPad
Editorial page with collage illustration about A.I.
A interactive opening to an article that poses a question and based on the selection, adjusts the copy accordingly.