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National Wildlife Federation

To effectively communicate, the wildlife protectors and environmental restorers at NWF need a brand manager that can execute across diverse deliverables and sub-brands with cohesion, organization, and innovative ideas. openbox9 is honored to be this trusted partner since 2008.

Trusted Brand Manager

As a trusted voice in conservation education and advocacy, NWF’s message speaks in many different ways. From digital to offline channels, from Congress members to elementary school students, openbox9 manages the Federation’s visual brand, program brands, and sub-brands to preserve and strengthen the identity and voice of the Federation. Our team serves as a living archive of NWF’s legacy, advising on organization-wide visual strategies and initiatives, and equipping the team to fulfill their mission.

National Wildlife Federation branding.
Evolving the visual identity since 2008
NWF Report Samples.
National Wildlife Federation Impact Report 2022 Design.
American bison walking in the snow.

Program and Sub-Brand Support

From environmental and conservation policy reports to advertisements in NFL yearbooks, from highway signage to classroom curriculum, openbox9 provides effective design solutions to the full NWF team across the nation. Smart and innovative design tailored to the context and audience ensures NWF messaging connects and inspires action across 54 states and territories.

Printed and digital report designs over the years.
Research and education report designs over the years
NWF Cocktail Guide Design.
Connecting causes to target audiences
National Wildlife Federation Campout Celebrity Reel GIF.
Celebrity advocacy and fundraising campaigns

Environmental Advocacy Websites

Often the most effective communication and advocacy tool is a campaign microsite to organize and display relevant messages and house resources. openbox9 built over 12 websites educating and equipping on topics including the restoration of the Gulf, offshore wind, and sustainable agricultural growing practices. Solutions include designing database structures, visualizing interactive maps, integrating with third-party political action tools, and designing user interfaces.

National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Week Truck Design.
“Beastro” Truck Design for a traveling campaign
National Wildlife Federation Monarch Butterfly Highway Sign.
President Obama’s monarch preservation initiative
National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Habitat Sign.
Signs seen nationwide indicating wildlife habitats and encouraging others to create sustainable habitat so all can flourish
Ranger Rick Tshirt.
Ranger Rick for president!
National Wildlife Federation Blog Website Design.
Their important blog has been realigned four times with countless adjustments to support their work