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Online Annual Reports

Behind every organization is a moment to reflect and inspire. Our annual report philosophy aims to highlight accomplishments of the past, express gratitude for support, and show the future, with a sincere invitation to the reader to make future change possible.

Samples of many annual report designs
Stanford Annual Report Website Design
In 2022, we chose a static image rather than a looping video to reduce the Stanford sustainability annual report site’s carbon footprint
Mobile screens for Stanford.
Mobile first design solutions for a campus on the move
Stanford Annual Report Design Sample
Pre-website solution, there was the humble 100+page booklet

Stanford University

Our partnership with Stanford began with the redesign of a 100+ page annual report for the Department of Sustainability in 2013. Over the years we have transitioned the offline annual report to online with the goal of each year’s changes improving the story-telling and reducing the report’s online carbon footprint. In our efforts to condense the content, we created multiple custom solutions for data visualization throughout this one-page website. 100 printed pages to one webpage is no small feat.

We love the opportunity to serve Stanford’s mission of building a sustainable campus and inspire other campuses to join in, and appreciate the yearly ambition to improve on the report. This long-term collaboration is an example of how the openbox9 team makes your mission, our mission.

2021 Sesame Workshop Impact Report site.
Sesame Workshop - Child with character.
Sesame Workshop Animation.

Sesame Workshop

One unique aspect of working with Sesame Workshop is how to walk the line of discussing heavy issues families face around the world while also creating hope. On TV, Sesame Street does this well and in collaboration with Design Army, the three teams shared ideas and created a website solution that brightly talks about the work accomplished and the work to do. Our interactive solutions are fun, like you would expect if Big Bird wrote website code, and the trimmed-down content strategy moves and informs readers through the site. With no shortage of great stories to tell, the challenge of curation led to a website architecture strategy that provides the reader ‘a sunny day… sweepin’ the clouds away.’

Aside from our strategy, our biggest boast is how our technical solution provided Sesame Workshop a ‘template’ site which can now be used by them each year in-house to prepare their next report— we hope all our clients feel empowered in this way!

University of California Annual Report Website Design
University of California Annual Report Design Sample.
University of California Annual Report Infographic Sample

University of California

The University of California makes a heroic commitment to be carbon neutral by 2025, and with 17 locations, that commitment will have a wonderful impact for the state and world. In order to lead in this way, communication is critical. Communication informs and inspires by telling progress through data and stories— and this website has a lot of both. Our website solution is rich with information that is collected, curated, and designed into a beautifully crafted interactive presentation. This process is intense, but openbox9 knows the importance of designing and presenting facts with aspirational copy.

It’s not just about data but also equipping campuses to boast about their accomplishments; create pride while unifying to fulfill their commitment. Each year we are motivated by the combination of communication, design, data interpretation and visualization, UX, story-telling… and we just love California.

NWF Impact Report 2022 Website Design
NWF design samples on phones.
NWF Design Sample.

National Wildlife Federation

Lions and tigers and bears, oh joy! Our longtime friends at National Wildlife Federation have a library of great stories and herd-size accomplishments. There is never a challenge of what to say, but rather, how do you pick what to tell and the best way to make that message accessible? openbox9 has developed a website solution with the goal of showing bite-size info so a reader can be impressed with the scale while also giving them multiple ways to dig in deeper on a story and take action. The result is a stunning visual stroll through the year that excites the reader to join them in the work of conservation.

An added bonus to working on the Impact Report is how it provides us as designers an opportunity to advance and adjust NWF’s visual branding system. This annual project gives both teams an opportunity to refine the look of NWF and set a course for the next year. Never settling for the status quo is what we love about our partnership.