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Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters

A high-energy, outdoor-focused, teaching and retreat center inviting the curious adventurer to play and reflect – what’s not to get excited about? Since 2014 openbox9 has provided content strategy, visual cohesiveness, and database organization solutions to present a bold brand in an accessible way, that also reduces the workload for the staff maintaining the site (when they’re not riding the zip line).

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters homepage banner

A long-vision partnership

Through retreats and summer camp, Snowbird builds significant relationships in-person with annual experiences. The website continues these relationship, equipping and connecting the audience further with the mission, and inviting a new audience into the experience. openbox9 built an organized website portraying Snowbird’s energetic and thoughtful personality, promoting Christian camp and retreat offerings with an integrated registration tool, and guiding users through an intuitive interface to find relevant written resources and podcast episodes.

Snowbird’s team includes marketing-minded staff motivated by continual improvement of their marketing efforts and authentic connection with their audience. openbox9 serves as a sounding board to ensure the possible is useful for their specific goals, and looking for how to edit for focus. We then roll up our sleeves implementing these ideas with a work ethic that matches and grounds the loftiness of strategic thinking. Whether website enhancements or printed marketing materials, openbox9 translates the Snowbird experience into an accessible brand.

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters booth banner.
Large conference booth backdrop
Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters rack card.
Speaker inside auditorium at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters.
3 girls swing on a high-ropes course at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters.
Laptop displaying Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters website Summer Camp page

The website as a scalable tool

Website years and dog years are similar – they age much faster than we expect. In 2014 openbox9 built a website that served the organization’s needs for over a decade. The communication tool was built to be primarily maintained by the Snowbird team, having been trained by openbox9 to effectively use and scale their nonprofit’s website.

Over the years, openbox9 has used our historical knowledge and commitment to Snowbird’s mission to enhance the website through iterative cycles. Through shifts in the ministry’s emphasis and clarity of focus, openbox9 added further value to the website with SEO consultation, e-commerce integrations, resource and blog re-organization, subscription promotions, and homepage re-alignments. These enhancements have been cost-effective due to clean code, best practices, and intuitive architecture.

In 2024 openbox9 re-built the website for Snowbird to benefit from advances in WordPress’ core editor capabilities. The current code system provides tighter security, optimized site performance, delightful interactive features, and ease of maintenance. The back-end updates were made alongside a visual refresh to improve the user interface and amplify Snowbird’s brand.

Monitor displaying Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters website store
Two girls yell as they try to hold onto a quickly moving inner tube on a lake, at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters.

Adventurous Partnership

openbox9 is committed to long-term, robust, scalable, and sustainable solutions. We build websites that don’t have to rely on us in order to continue to serve the needs of our clients. We offer partnership, strategy, and implementation skills to extend the value of our solutions as our clients needs adjust. We’re motivated and honored to be part of the adventure.