NRF Foundation

The philanthropic arm of the National Retail Federation (NRF), the NRF Foundation, focuses on the education and advancement of people who are interested in careers in retail. They offer several scholarships as well as outstanding training programs and tools that are made available for people of all backgrounds to build strong foundations for a promising career.


2022 NRF Foundation Honors

After a year’s hiatus due to COVID19, the NRF Foundation Honors event is back. openbox9 once again walked through the process of creating this year’s graphical theme and a design framework for implementing it across a broad spectrum of materials, from web graphics to stage banners, from a robust email campaign to a re-organized website and digital program for the evening.

NRF Foundation Honors 2022 theme and styleguide

As Honorees were announced through the year, we created batches of themed graphics to showcase the winners.

NRF Foundation Honors 2022 web graphic

The event itself features a myriad of graphics in different shapes and sizes: pictured below are a menu card, a directional sign, and an announcement email.

NRF Foundation Honors 2022 graphics

2020 NRF Foundation Honors

In early 2019, we were brought in to help design a new look for their annual event in Times Square recognizing the achievements of both students and retail professionals. The NRF Foundation Honors, formerly the Honors Gala, brings together the most influential people in retail to support the next generation of talent and recognize innovators in the industry. We aimed to give the momentous event a more elevated look while also conveying the sense of celebration that is at its heart.

The event was very successful, with over four million dollars raised and 800+ guests in attendance. We designed all matter of materials to support the event, including signage, stage designs, invitations, a robust email campaign, and event programs. We also designed materials for a smaller, exclusive reception for the most prominent members of the retail industry called “Meet the List.” This sub-event recognized five of 2019’s leading retail professionals with an audience of past winners.

2020 Impact Report

The 2020 Impact Report serves as both a catalog of their most popular programs, and a collection of some inspiring success stories that came out of those programs.


RISE Up Program

We also had the opportunity to develop several printed materials to support an event for RISE Up, one of their training programs for students of the retail industry. Items included, banners, ads, tablecloths, pencils, and a brochure.