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Design trends artwork

2016 Website Trends, the Newness

What new(ish) things you’ll hear about this year

Sketch of a handshake

Say What? Meta Description

Understanding Meta Descriptions and why to use them

SEO: Put your Keywords to Work

How to put those keywords to work on your website

Yellowpages and Keywords

SEO: Yellowpage Games in A Keyword World

Back in the day, companies jockeyed for position in the yellow pages by adding a string of A’s to the beginning of their name. Thus pages of AAAA-lock smith and …

SEOh no!

Do we really need to spill more ink – or wear out more keyboards – on the topic of SEO? Surely not, but there is need to make sense of …

Keywords word bubble

Use your words. Keywords.

You’ve probably been hearing about all of the expensive work that can be done to your non-profit’s website to help it rank higher on search engines, but we have some …