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People crazy enough to think they can change the world, need a graphic design studio who knows they can.

Your efforts motivate our team to provide experienced solutions to your marketing and fundraising challenges. As you scan the landscape of reaching new supporters and donors, you need a graphic design partner that has seen the influence design has on inspiring action.

We want to share with you our exposure to 500+ socially conscience projects and help expand your efforts with out-of-the-box solutions. At heart, we are a creative company that runs on a specialized digital brain.

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Non-Profits that hurry to meet needs, deserve a design agency that runs with them. We don’t just sell services we offer partnership. One that understands the challenges and is open to risks.

In joining your pursuits — our success is dependent on your goals being achieved. Your opportunities are vast. You need a partner that will be both a student of your organization while providing guidance and tested solutions. In understanding your mission, we can provide an out-of-the-box (x9) approach to your fundraising & communication efforts.

openbox9 recognizes the importance of how design can improve business opportunities with unique solutions. Where many agencies view their clients through the lens of what products they offer, openbox9 is a collaboration of many marketing disciplines. Instead of providing a cookie-cutter solution, we will use 15+years of experience to provide customized effective results. By offering innovation and not products, we offer a partnership to success.

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Strategy, Branding, Design

We offer comprehensive creative design solutions. We will be your artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist, and evolutionary strategist because we are sociologists, pursuers of what’s relevantkool, and on a mission to advance the role of design in business strategies.

Lipstick on a pig does not make a prom date, Design cannot mask poor strategy. Having experience with directing campaigns and giving sound eMarketing counsel separates us from most design firms. In the end, we make information accessible.

We are a service focused strategy and design firm that specializes in branding, custom online/offline graphic design, and website development. The key to our work is integrating online with offline solutions.

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Our Fuel

Our values are the compass and the fire in our work.

We are a company that is motivated by the opportunity to serve the pursuits of our clients while practicing our love of design. We are energized by the promise that communities can meet the needs of others and desire to partner with organizations that seek to improve the quality of life. We can give the public access to not only learn about the work of heroes but join in the work.

Our creed etched-in-the-desk-statement:

Creativity — Solve problems and inspire.
Responsibility — Commitment to our client’s success.
Humility — Listening and learning makes innovation flourish.
Honesty — Trust builds companies.
Quality — We are measured by what is produced.
Faith — Follow Christ’s example by serving and loving all.

Our Clients

Openbox9 Clients: National Wildlife Federation
Openbox9 Clients: USAID
Openbox9 Clients: Finca
Openbox9 Clients: Stanford University
Openbox9 Clients: 9Marks
Openbox9 Clients: American Humane Association
Openbox9 Clients: Cheetah Conservation Fund

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