openbox9 takes Manhattan

Outside of Washington DC there is the nice (lesser known) city of New York that hosted the recent Global Leadership Awards Dinner. openbox9 had the pleasure AND honor to attend. We primarily traveled to celebrate the host, AICGS, but an added perk was the chance to check out the design work we did for the event and the rebranding work we did for the non-profit. Below is an account of our expedition to the Wall Street neighborhood.

Hannah Hudson and Nathan Fussner

Hannah and Nathan in front of the other Brookland called Brooklyn


Hannah does a new yorker impersonation - nailed it.


Calling it a dinner was slightly misleading as they fed us the programs we designed. tasty.

The openbox9 representatives

The openbox9 representatives, Nathan, Michael and Hannah

hannah on stage

Hannah leads a packed room of empty chairs to a rousing rendition of "danke schön"

Michael on stage

Michael stirs the crowd to sitting applause and accepts the dented punch bowl award for cheesy photos


Michael has spent the past 20 years applying his experience and superpowers to further the missions of social-good organizations, and has no plans to stop.
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