Cheetahs Receive Some Help from Our Bytes

When it comes to promoting beauty, the best thing to do as a designer is get out of the way and let the beauty do all the work. Designing for the Cheetah Conservation Fund, we let the photos do the talking. This great organization has no shortage of hopeful stories and needed research to share. Our goal was to use both to compel action and elevate the plight of this speed cat.

Homepage for the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Africa

With a wealth of stories to write about and the world's attention on the cheetah, we developed a homepage that could update its supporters.

All the pages and content have one common goal — inform to raise support. openbox9 developed the architecture around this goal so a reader is led to the various ways they can help.

Sample news post of Austrian alpine skier Anna Fenninger

Sample news post of Austrian alpine skier Anna Fenninger who used her moments of gold to bring awareness to the endangered cheetah

Graph on cheetah population decline

Graphics were created to show the sobering numbers.

If you love cheetahs, please consider supporting this great organization.


Michael has spent the past 20 years applying his experience and superpowers to further the missions of social-good organizations, and has no plans to stop.
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Baby Cheetah