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House for sale

Choosing a Web Host: Part 1

According to realtors, finding a place to live starts with “location, location, location”. But your website lives on the internet – one big world-wide neighborhood. How picky do you actually …

Launch sooner, like we did

We launched a new website – our own! After years of getting by with an old site while we made extravagant new sites for other people, we finally put the …

Background videos killed the...

Background Videos, More Background Videos

Tips and guidelines for using looping background videos

Map design - Interactive Map

Storytelling Through a Map

Can data and a map tell your story?

Letter Q over a work desk
Women standing before a large wall with principles of data privacy

Say What? Your Next Privacy Policy

Why do I need a Privacy Policy?

Cheetahs Receive Some Help from Our Bytes

When it comes to promoting beauty, the best thing to do as a designer is get out of the way and let the beauty do all the work. Designing for …

Yellowpages and Keywords

SEO: Yellowpage Games in A Keyword World

Back in the day, companies jockeyed for position in the yellow pages by adding a string of A’s to the beginning of their name. Thus pages of AAAA-lock smith and …

Trending: Color search

Have you ever searched on a website and been frustrated that you couldn’t find the right shade of those teal curtains? Well, if you’ve been online in recent years you’ll …

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Protect Your Web Treasure

Keep your website secure and safe from attacks.

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