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The Halloween season is finally here, and for all you kids who have spent most of October revisiting color palettes or solving the thorniest UX problems, we’re here to help. Assemble these costumes and watch your non-design friends gasp before saying “Wait, what are you again?”

1. Negative Space

Your chance to harness your inner Robert Smith and also Neil deGrasse Tyson as you spend the evening looking miserable while dressed as the solar system.

2. Vector Image

This could have been a Raster-farian pun, but that was too egregious. Instead, summon your Illustrator skills by going as a smooooooth vector image.

3. Aria(e)l the Font Mermaid

This is just an excuse to break out an old mermaid costume and glue a bunch of letters to it, but come, on, how fun does that sound?

4. Design Sprint

Just grab some coffee and run around the whole party. You’ll burn off all that candy!

5. Cheesy Stock Photo

Every designer’s best friend / worst enemy, the cheesy stock photo can go into a million different directions. Woman smiling while eating salad? Commanding business handshake? Person randomly holding up fireworks to the camera? The world is your oyster.

6. Responsive Design

For all the new parents out there, put that baby to work! Responsive design is about reformatting a design for differently-sized screens, and what better way to go from desktop to iPhone than from fully grown human to tiny, hamburger menu-outfitted baby?


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Emily Tartanella
Emily is a designer with a passion for worthy causes, pop culture, and the ins and outs of good design.