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American University

Layout and data visualization design for research report on the impact of social media on the fight for racial justice

American German Institute

What started as a project to design fundraising event materials for AICGS expanded to include two rebrands, and multiple website redesigns for this great international think tank, as well as annual fundraising gala branding and event marketing design. Guided organization through a re-brand in 2023 with a new identity as AGI.

Client since: 2011

Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP)

In the early years, neither team had much resources, but we took a chance on each other and over the years designed a score of online solutions, event promotions and branding strategy for this great lover of peace building.

American Humane Association

100 year celebration campaign including branding, UX design, graphic design, web development and tech consultation

Alexander Street Press

Design for course curriculum series and publications.

    American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)

    Annual Conference for professional and credentialing association for 223,000 members. Annual conference logo & visual brand system, Event Materials design including reducing program page-count for sustainability and cohesive way-finding materials

    Adventist Development & Relief Agency (ADRA)

    Developed a fundraising campaign for this very active international organization. We later helped define photo guidelines for their brand book.

      Access Partners

      Brand, digital, and print strategy and design of initiative to mobilize business experts on the mission field. From websites, to city guides, to online forms and databases


      Multiple publication design and layout projects with a focus on improving equity within higher education

      Client since: 2019
      ACDI VOCA Logo


      Website redesign and a re-alignment a few years later to ensure the website messaging aligned with the shifting structure of their international development work. Infographics and interactive maps are used to show the breadth of their work and the depth of their expertise. A robust database organizes past and present international projects.

      Client since: 2016
      9Marks logo


      Since Michael first met 9Marks, he has been managing 9mark's visual brand system. During these times, openbox9 has constantly created a deep level of useful online solutions including website re-designs and re-alignments and apps; Quarterly design concepts for Journal covers; designing conference materials, event program & digital and printed ads including notecards and conference materials; and branding multiple fundraising campaigns are also part of monthly efforts.

      Client since: 2002

      3 Bean Coffee

      New community gathering place required brand creation and marketing materials, including defining a visual brand system, developing and organizing a website, and designing signage, stickers, business cards, and coffee cup sleeves.

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