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Photo of cat riding a horse to symbolize accessibility

Make Your Website Accessible and Inclusive (in 9 ways)

Being emphatic is what designers do

Map design - Interactive Map

Storytelling Through a Map

Can data and a map tell your story?

AICGS logo transforming from sketch to digital concept

The result of a German-American love affair

What do you get when you mix a little American ingenuity with German engineering? No, not a VW, but something just as cute. A new logo? Perhaps. Here at openbox9 …

b4 logo

Before there was a BEFORE

A new joint program between Swiss Peace and the Alliance for Peacebuilding needed a complete marketing foundation. First a name. After many name ideas present by openbox9, the choice selection …

dove of peace

openbox9 joins mission to aide immigrants fleeing violence

For many women living in a violent situation, fleeing is a difficult thing to do. The Tahirih Justice Center is inspired by these situations to provide women who flee the …