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A few weeks back Hannah had fun designing her ideal city bicycle. My passion is sitting. I do a lot of it, so I wanted to design my ideal chair. Some would consider this post “epic” and paramount to the survival of the sedentary human. I would not, but others will argue.

Be cool.

A chair is something you’ll be seen a lot in, so look good sitting in one. When thinking ideal, one has to suspend reality that one can afford these chairs…

Be cool some more.

Tasty twinkie is also nice and soft

Nothing irritates a human more that an uncomfortable chair. Make sure the lower back feels your love for it – prove it with cushions made of twinkies (added benefit – warmed snacks for the team after about an hour of sitting)

Swivel n Roll

Tonka truck wheels

Getting up from a chair to talk with folks should never happen. My chair will swivel and if needed, roll over to a person despite the terrain — I’m talking Tonka truck wheels.


Fresh clean water

Hydrating is important to staying alive and a chair should not jeopardize my life. My chair will house a tub of watercooler quality liquid.

Stay fresh

Clean up

Some might want to roll their chairs to you — a chair should help you smell your best and spare you from bathing. The fabric of my chair would be made of wet-wipes.

Reduce number of seats

Double duty seat

Why do we need so many personal chairs? Parents know that their baby’s car seat also makes for a great carrier and rocker. My cool-guy chair would have a dual function by latching into my car.

Weather Controls

Perfect setting of warm and cool

I barely have to write anything here – everybody knows your back gets hot while your limbs go frigid. Temperature control is a must. While I’m at it, I want a chair that recreates the feeling of being outside during a crisp Autumn day.

Behold the Schafer BoBimBap-Seat 3000…

Patent pending cool-guy chair
Michael Schafer
Michael has spent the past 25 years applying his experience and superpowers to further the missions of social-good organizations, and has no plans to stop.