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Launch sooner, like we did

We launched a new website – our own! After years of getting by with an old site while we made extravagant new sites for other people, we finally put the …

ASHA Convention Takeaways

This year we had the privilege of branding the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention.

openbox9’s 9 Favorite Free Fonts

Finding good free fonts

Remote Learnings

This summer I worked remotely – not at a coffee shop in town, or even across a state line, but 5,000 miles and 6 time zones away from my co-workers …

Ebook platform comparisons

Comparing Inkling vs. Pressbooks

The battle for the better online publishing tool

Design Jargon photo

Understanding Design Jargon

Will that page bleed?

Creative Block - artwork with blocks and scribbles

Overcoming the Inevitable Creative Block

There are times when I, as a designer, encounter a creative block. In fact, this happens almost on a daily basis. I often don’t feel very creative. But, creativity is …

Red warning exclamation
One Two Three Four Five Six over a Word document

Six Things You Didn’t Know Word Could Do :: Design and Microsoft Word, Part 1

Using the humble Microsoft Word for in-house materials

Abstract images of an infographic

Storytelling through Well-Designed Infographics

Good infographics require thought…getting to the key point requires work.

Stanford University sustainability print report cover

The Stanford Report: From print to pdfs and beyond

Stanford. The name conjured images of ivy league institutions, with distinguished alumni, yet I knew next to nothing of the reality of the school. That was about to change. When …