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Map design - Interactive Map

Storytelling Through a Map

Can data and a map tell your story?

Thoughtful Package Design tea package

Don’t Judge a Tea by it’s Package

Or maybe you should. As consumer options grow limitless, design decisions become more crucial to ensure your brand communicates the right message. Knowing the goals and priorities of your audience …

there is inspiration to find everywhere

9 Ways to Find Inspiration

Break from the computer and find inspiration

openbox9 resources

2015 Social Media Cheat Sheet

Visual content has become an extremely useful way to engage with audiences using social media. Many of our clients find themselves creating images for their social profiles, but not knowing the …

Letter Q over a work desk
Hands on a coffeeshop table with a sketchook, cellphones, and tablet

6 Thoughts on Evolving Your Website Design

Web design, even more than other forms of design, is constantly evolving. It’s something we love about it. Limitations that previously constrained us are slowly disappearing and we have greater possibilities for wowing …